Human needs – socialization

Hello dear readers. As you see from the heading in this blog I will talk about human’s one of the most important need – socialization. After pandemic and isolation people accustomed to work from home, remain all kind of relationship remotely etc. According to some opinions, this is introverts haven and extrovert’s hell. According to business owners, remote working saves time, energy and other resource, but some employee works overtime, or cannot really concentrate while working remotely and so on.

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Time for family, food and fellowship. Christmas is coming!

It is already time to sum up all the results of this year.. I would do that with one word – enlightenment. I’ve made plenty of mistakes but don’t regret – it is the best way to learn. One of the greatest steps I’d done this year brought me to where I am now. I believe, the New Year and the experience I’m gaining now will create new me – the confident person with no fears.

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