Kid’s Day Celebration

On Sunday I participated in a kid’s day in Myslowice. This was an amazing event where the whole town was gathered. I was surprised by the number of cool games and activities you can try. And all of it for free. It was clear how much effort was put into organizing this huge fair! And I am very glad to have been a part of game creation.

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Perła Górnego Śląska

Some of us really like visits, others much less. Some will visit castles; others prefer more leisure and sporting activities. Castles are all unique. They all have their own history, their own architecture. They make us dream, we would live there if we could, or we find them too big. One thing is sure: they do not leave us indifferent!

Hello readers, its Tamuna and today we will talk about the pearl of Upper Silesia – Pszczyna castle.

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Bowie’s Love For Japan

David Bowie, the eternal superstar had a deep affection towards Japan and Japanese style. Most famously is his relation with Japanese costume designer Kansai Yamamoto. They met during Bowie’s first trips to Japan in the 1970s. Later Yamamoto created some of the most iconic stage outfits of the British singer-songwriter.

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