Volunteering in a modern world

Volunteering is of great importance in today’s world. This selfless social activity is known from the history of the development of mankind.

In the modern world, volunteers are people who carry out charity in the form of selfless labor for those segments of the population who need it.

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Working in a cultural center I often witness concerts and festivals organized by my colleagues. Alterfest is one of those occasions. Celebrating its 10th birthday this year, it continues to gather like-minded people to enjoy the power of music.

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Kid’s Day Celebration

On Sunday I participated in a kid’s day in Myslowice. This was an amazing event where the whole town was gathered. I was surprised by the number of cool games and activities you can try. And all of it for free. It was clear how much effort was put into organizing this huge fair! And I am very glad to have been a part of game creation.

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When did Polish-Georgian relations start?

Hello dear readers, In this blog I would like to tell you about the first impression as a Georgian, who arrived in Poland, Upper Silesia, Katowice. Since I had the chance to visit Silesian museum (Muzeum Śląskie) in Katowice, I had the feeling that Georgia and Poland had many similarities in history. First impression about the people was also nice, since mostly people in Upper Silesia are polite to foreigners and ready to help you, even though they will speak to you in Polish, they still try to assist you in case of any questions.  

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