Bielsko-Biała – ‘the city of 100 industries’

As you may know Poland is divided into administrative division, a voivodeship – is the highest-level administrative division of Poland, corresponding to a province in many other countries. My volunteering is in Silesia and in this article you can discover another great city of the Silesia – Bielsko-Biała.

Bielsko-Biała as a city has had its name since the first of January 1951 when officially two places merged together which were located on opposite banks of the river Biała that was also the border between Śląsk (Silesia) and Małopolska ( lesser Poland). This city has unique history because of the location and because of the name itself – both words Bielsko and Biała stands for the word white. Two names comes from two cities which have different backgrounds.

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For the First Time in Warsaw

It’s been some time since I wrote an article, but I’m here again from On-arrival trening , who was in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The train journey was very comfortable and not very long (about 3 hours) by direct train, my train did not stop at the main train station but at another station (Gdańska). To get to the hostel, I had to take the metro and then bus. After leaving the metro, the same thing happened to me once in Barcelona, when I got off metro in Barcelona (I don’t remember the name of the station) the Sagrada Familia towered majestically above me, it was amazing, here in Warsaw the same thing happened to me as soon as I got off the metro , the Palace of Culture and Science stood majestically above me , too bad it started snowing heavily and I couldn’t really see anything 😀 but for a few minutes it was a really majestic view.

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Trip to Katowice

Hello, welcome to my weekly article on our blog. Today I will tell you about how was in Katowice. Last week over the weekend (when the weather was perfect, not like now) I decided to go on a trip to Katowice. The train journey there, was very pleasant from Rybnik (I am a volunteer there), there is a direct train, the journey is not very long and it is not very expensive either 😊.

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What is toxic positivity?

Hello dears, since I am interested in psychology, especially Jungian theories, this blog is also dedicated to the same field.

As you may know from previous blogs, I had workshops about woman’s archetypes based on Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book and Jungian theories. We finished this series of workshops, I had 2 participants, who discovered that they had minimum 3 well-expressed archetypes at the moment in their character. It is absolutely normal and according to the author, best way to balance archetypical interventions.

Today I will provide you some information about very popular approach in society, that person have to be positive and thankful always and in every situation. Yes, cultivating a positive mindset is a powerful coping mechanism, especially in tough times. But positivity needs to be rooted in reality for it to be healthy and helpful. Upon expressing disappointment or sadness, someone may respond that “happiness is a choice.” This suggests that if someone is feeling negative emotions, it’s their own fault for not “choosing” to be happy.

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