Men give a rose to their beloved in Catalonia

I have taken the liberty of writing a little about one of the tradition that we do in the month of April for spring, which is very important to me and here in Catalonia and I share it.

San Jordi 

The Sant Jordi festival is an important day that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in all Catalonia.
On April 23, the streets of cities and towns are crowded with people and stalls selling books and roses. This festival consists of celebrating the feast of the patron saint of Catalonia and remembering this tradition based on love and culture.

And why are books and roses given away? you will wonder…
Because there is a precious legend behind this!

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“Cross-border education” in Poland


My name is Lina and I’m from Spain.

I’m volunteering of the Project “Cross-border education” in Poland. I have chosen to this Project because I like everything related to extracurricular education. On the other hand, do volunteer in general interests me because do this teaches my new things like: meet new people, culture, language…

And all this make me develop my skills, grow as a person, learn about the life and generally open my mind.

I am very interested and excited to start this project.

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My own arrival training

Hi guys! I could describe my own arrival training as a bust of happiness, energy and motivation. The first day I was kind of nervous but very excited because other volunteers that I know told me that it was going to be one of the best weeks of the volunteering but I didn’t want to have high expectations and then crash them so I just let it be.

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