History behind delicious dumplings

 Dumpling is a broad classification for a dish that consists of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling, or of dough with no filling. The dough can be based on bread, flour or potatoes, and may be filled with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits or sweets. Khinkali, Jiaozi, Pierogi, Manti – have you ever wondered what does those dishes have In common? Today I will tell you everything about this delicious dish and its unique roots.

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One week of Coronavirus quarantine

Hey!. I’m Furkan 

I’m doing my ESC in Rybnik. I’m writing this article in first week of coronavirus quarantine. The world struggling virus call “covid-19 (coronavirus)” from December 2019. Virus started in Wuhan / China. From February virus spread in Europe specially in Italy.

Here, it has started at 5th of February in Zielona Gora/ Poland.

Person who affected with virus died on 12th of February, so Polish Government took some precautions;

“Poland imposing border controls, suspending international flights other restrictions from 15th”… From Saturday midnight to Sunday control at all borders will be restored. Closing is initially valid for the next 10 days.

  • Far-reaching restrictions are placed on the possibility of foreigners crossing Polish borders.
  • From midnight, from Friday to Saturday, shopping malls will be limited.
  • Active remain, among others grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • The introduction of the epidemic threat status also means that meetings of over 50 people will not be allowed.
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