Hi there, I have been living in Poland for almost 1 month. I have noticed a lot of things that have come to me in this 1 month. I want to share these with you. What I’m going to write may be quite normal for you, but it’s a unusual for someone from another culture and country. Let’s get started!

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5 reasons why Belgium is a must-see country

Food and drinks:

  • Belgian beer needs no introduction. Belgium is known for the high quality and huge variety of beers produced here. From light lager to amber, Flemish red, brown sour, strong and stout. We believe that it is our heritage and passion that give Belgian beer that little bit extra that makes it so special. Another famous food produced in Belgium, and one of the tastiest and most popular in the world, is of course Belgian chocolate. We invented the praline in 1912 and quickly became known for making the best pralines in the world. Many of our products are made by hand, which means extra care and attention is given to every bite.
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