Volunteering in a modern world

Volunteering is of great importance in today’s world. This selfless social activity is known from the history of the development of mankind.

In the modern world, volunteers are people who carry out charity in the form of selfless labor for those segments of the population who need it.

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Benefits and challenges of living abroad

Hello, my dear reader. I am glad you join me because in my story I will tell how it feels to live abroad. Firstly, I can imagine that everyone once in their lifetime was wondering about living abroad.  But not everyone is thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad. Meanwhile, today’s modern global world creates conditions for us to travel, study, and work around the world. In my experience, when I first move abroad it was a short time for study plans and I still remember the feeling of excitement and how happy I was, but I have never experienced how challengeable is to live abroad. Now, with my blog, I’d love to share my experience of living in Poland. As always it has both sides benefits and challenges as well. Let’s start with challenges.

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Far Away from home

Whether or not Living abroad is the most exciting event for me, somehow connected to homesickness, I can barely imagine the people who don’t miss their homes. As for me, this is the very first time when I have moved from my home country for a long period and this is a huge challenge. Meanwhile, throughout the three months, from the beginning of my first day, I felt a little bit depressed. Sometimes I missed my family, friends, and especially my little dog Mr. Louie. But from the beginning of my journey, I realized that moving to Poland was my decision and I passed this huge challenge. In the following sections, I am going to share with you the steps on how I win over homesickness.

I am sharing with you the benefits of living in Ribnik, Poland.

Step 1

Morning Routine.

Getting up in the morning is everything! This is so beautiful when you are waking up with the sun. Every day, I usually do have a routine such as morning coffee, walking to the park, and breathing fresh air in the morning. After my morning routine, planning the day helps me to use my time in Poland wisely.

Step 2

Adjusting to a new diet!

To me healthy food is important. I need to eat healthier not only because of the “cliche” such as being on diet, but at the same time, I know that my body needs it. Especially, after I moved to Poland I totally changed my diet schedule because of the different environmental connections between my country and Poland.

Step 3

Build Friendship.

I think this is so important when you are living abroad. In that case, my advice will be to go out and get to know people and of course, make friends. Since we make one friend relies on us making connections with others.

Step 4

Money Challenge.

Being a volunteer means challenging yourself how well you can manage your financial condition. As for me, In the future, I am sure that I will be able to deal with any kind of difficulties connected to financial challenges in my life.

Step 5

Better Self-esteem.

Starting a new life abroad includes a huge encouragement. Suddenly we becoming braver than we were in the past. In totally strange and different places, we are starting to manage everything on our own and that makes us confident.

Step 6

Develop new skills.

The main goal of my move to Poland was to learn and develop new skills. So, living abroad is a great chance to learn foreign languages. At the same time, developing new skills are top benefit of living abroad and in my condition in Poland. For me, while learning a new language was difficult, I found the solutions how can we learn a new language easily and smartly. Meanwhile, when I move abroad and especially to Poland I had the opportunity to involve myself deeply in a culture and language.

What’s special is I am not only learning grammar and vocabulary, but you also get the knowledge about slang and typical local words which to me is much more interesting.

At the same time, when I moved to Poland, I developed soft skills such as cooking, painting, dancing, photographing and what’s important communication, and more. Suddenly, I am comparing myself to the person I was in the past and I have a feeling of growth.

Step 7

A new vision of my life.

Living in Poland to me, was a good chance for discovering new skills myself and what’s important find myself again.

In my experience when I faced difficult situations, I had only two options: first, an easy one to get discouraged and lose hope, or faced the problems solve them, and become stronger. Only now I have realized why some people are so good at fulfilling their dreams and goals. Somehow, I found the secret to success. Of course, working hard is the main ingredient of success. Throughout my volunteering program, I created goals and have a regular and consistent goal-setting process that is quite helpful.


Who am I?!

Hello Guys!

My name is Ferdane Azemi but you can call me Ferdi. I come from the land of the  art and music – Kosovo – we have many famous singers like Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Bebe Rexha and the first thing that comes to my mind when I want to represent my country is these names because we love music and our country has very talented youth, even in our native language our singers has being very successful in international music industry like Era Istrefi. Kosovo is a very old country and beautiful, people from Kosovo are very connected  with Albania country this is because in our past we were together and even today we represent ourselves as Albanian from Kosovo. People from Kosovo are very friendly and they are known as a good hosts, a good reason to visit Kosovo. I lived for my entire life in Mitrovica. The city of Mitrovica is divided into north and south by the Ibar River. In Mitrovica beside the Ibar River, there is the Sitnica River too. Mitrovica city is very beautiful is surrounded by mountains and rivers, is very important to mention that we have the University of Science and Technology and moreover in this city is located Trepce mine which in the past was the source of wealth and I hope one-day Trepce is going to work in the same manner.

Now let me introduce myself I am flexible, optimist and I want to share peace and the love between people, but is important to know that I am not a Famous Singer 😀 but Food Technologist 🙂

In 2021 I have graduated from the University of Mitrovica Isa Boletini in Master degree in Food Technology Faculty, Food Technology and Engineering Department. Since then I have been part of many trainings and projects not only in Food Field but also in human Rights, volunteering importance and how to advocate for our rights but of course, my focus is to gain skills in Food Field.

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Everything You Need to Know About NFTs

NFTs are among the hottest crypto trends, combining unique art with cutting-edge technology and more. The key element of NFTs is the technical ability to separate the original artist’s creation from mere copies. The same technology makes it possible to verify the owner of the original artwork, which turned out to be extremely valuable in the online space in which digital copies can be made very easily.

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