Interest Area: Writing/Journalism

Today I would like to tell you about my first visit in Gilowice High School.

As you know, I’ve one year experience in journalistic field. So, I’m going to share all of my knowledge with high classes.

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“Cross-border education” in Poland


My name is Lina and I’m from Spain.

I’m volunteering of the Project “Cross-border education” in Poland. I have chosen to this Project because I like everything related to extracurricular education. On the other hand, do volunteer in general interests me because do this teaches my new things like: meet new people, culture, language…

And all this make me develop my skills, grow as a person, learn about the life and generally open my mind.

I am very interested and excited to start this project.

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How Sporty Are You?

We had a marathon on Saturday. We have prepared everything on the previous day and got up early in the morning. The marathon began at 10:00 am. For more fun, DJ performed, the kids played with him and we had fun too, due to we also take delight . An hour later the marathoners were training with their gymnast. The DJ took care of others mood. At 11:00 volleyball competition was held. Girls and boys played in teams together. Fabiana and me were making crafts from ballons, for instance dogs, ladybirds, flowers, swords, jirafes and e.t.c. due to make our contribution in charity too.

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Gruppo di Italiano #2

Ciao a tutti! This second lesson surprised me because new person enjoyed our group. The group is very motivated and very fast to learn Italian, better than me with Polish. This is very important for me. It is a challenge, because as first time like a “teacher/facilitator” I should be open and understand the needs of the group, how to finish the program and not be bore. It is hard but funny! Before to start with the resume of lesson I want remind you that the next lesson will be Monday at 19.00 @Gok. Continue reading