Why I despise Batman

Bruce Wayne is heroic, good-looking, and wealthy. On the surface, he seems like quite the catch, but when you look at his broad history you’ll find that the things are, in fact, quite ugly. Well, obviously, anyone who goes around dressed like a bat has a few issues they’re clearly not dealing with. But ok, let’s ignore that for now.

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Studio Ghibli

What makes Studio Ghibli so magically immersive? Every movie feels like a visual essay, which dives down on different topics that both kids and adults can resonate with. The Japanese animation powerhouse has cast its spell over wide-eyed anime audiences for nearly 4 decades, and on this article, I’ll share what I know regarding the studio.

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Geralt of Rivia

You can’t really encapsulate Poland in just a few words, since the country has a rich history, full of old traditions and a vast territory, filled with natural wonders. But after 2015, if you’d mention Poland to someone, more often than not, they’d associate the country with its (not so) new hero, Geralt of Rivia. But who is Geralt of Rivia?

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