Five anime movies recommendations

I came today with another five movies recommendations, but this time are not from Spain. I want to recommend some anime movies, yeah, I am a nerd I know. Actually, these movies are to people who actually they don’t watch anime usually. I understand that anime can be very crazy and not a good thing for all the people, but with these recommendations I will try to introduce yourself in the famous Japan animation a little bit. So, if you watch anime usually maybe you have watched all these movies, but check it out too, maybe you find something you don’t know.

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DokuFest is an international documentary and short film festival held in Prizren, Kosovo. It is held annually during the month of August. The first entry of Dokufest was in 2002, which it was organized by a close group of friends. Since then, it has grown into a cultural event that attracts international and regional artists and audiences. Films are screened throughout the 14 day festival and accompanied by programs, activities, and workshops.

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