New Year’s Eve

Whether you like it or not, we face the same pressure each year: schedule plans with other people to do something unique and different, wear our best clothes and party like there’s no tomorrow. But, this is just a day in the calendar, pretty much like any other day. So, why do we get so hyped up about it?

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Corpus Christi holidays in Łódź

Hey, I’m so pleased and under too many emotions to upload you with my adventure in Lodz. The only emotions I’m familiar with are excited and amazed. I have too many feelings and memories and don’t want to miss a thing. So, I’m going to share you every single moment in details.

As I’ve already mentioned Justina hosted me in Lodz on Corpus Christi holidays. We’ve started our trip on 11th on June at 15:00. She was driving a car during 3 hours and at the same time we had such an amazing conversation. Which means that from Wola to Lodz took us 3 hours absence of traffic jams. Justina and me were speaking about our life and living abroad experiences, we’ve discussed some actually topics and also had fun. I’m not going to reveal you with more details, just save it for myself because of personal issues. Some part of the road was repaired and part of it is being actually rehabilitated. Which implies that our road trip went well.

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