Do you know interesting facts about Poland?

Here are interesting facts about Poland and things about Poland that most people don’t know about. These facts can make your trip to Poland way more interesting.

Poland is full of contradictions, the ninth largest country in Europe. This country can boast a rich history, many popular people and scientists and the miracles of nature as well. On the other hand, Poland can give you a good laugh and a few reasons to contemplate.

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Georgia – Hidden Beauty – 5 Reasons Why We Should Visit This Country

The unique country of Georgia is sandwiched between Europe and Asia. It is not only a crossroads of cultures but also has a wealth of spectacular landscapes. Mix the influence of Asia with the looks and culture of Europe and you’ll get – Georgia! This unusual but very charming country may not be your top pick for next travel destination. However, I’m here to change your mind and give you 5 great reasons why Georgia is worth the visit! So let’s start.

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Tirana European Youth Capital 🇦🇱

Tirana is the capital city of Albania, youthful and energetic where you can find sunny weather and positivity. In the roads you can easily notice that there are a lot of young people and concretely over 380.000 under the age of 35 years old (<48% of population), as well as 78000 students in the University of Tirana. Very welcoming and dynamic city 🙂

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