About “Istanbul”

Istanbul Turkey Bosporus Bridge on sunset
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Whether we want it or not, changes are part of our life, many of them we cannot avoid; sometimes they come to us, when we grow up, when we start a new stage of studies or a new work, even when meeting new people and other times they are their own decisions; but always will be part of our lives, they are essential, they allow us to grow.

For one reason or another, many times we do not expect them or they do not catch us in our best moment. Therefore, not stagnating and moving forward are the keys to face the best way any changes you present to us.

In this article some of the advice and knowledge that my psychologist gave me and more I have applied in my day to day.

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For the First Time in Warsaw

It’s been some time since I wrote an article, but I’m here again from On-arrival trening , who was in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The train journey was very comfortable and not very long (about 3 hours) by direct train, my train did not stop at the main train station but at another station (Gdańska). To get to the hostel, I had to take the metro and then bus. After leaving the metro, the same thing happened to me once in Barcelona, when I got off metro in Barcelona (I don’t remember the name of the station) the Sagrada Familia towered majestically above me, it was amazing, here in Warsaw the same thing happened to me as soon as I got off the metro , the Palace of Culture and Science stood majestically above me , too bad it started snowing heavily and I couldn’t really see anything 😀 but for a few minutes it was a really majestic view.

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My story starting from İstanbul

Hi everyone! I’m Tuğba and I’m 24 years old, I come from Turkey, where there is a different history and stories in every corner and where civilizations first emerged. I will be volunteering at the “Democratic Wild School in Tychy city”, which has already excited me during my time in Poland.

If I tell you a little about myself; I live in the magical city of “Istanbul”, which connects the continents of Asia and Europe and has inspired poets and writers for centuries and incorporates many different cultures. We can also call Istanbul an emotional city, because you can feel different emotions in this city at any time of the day. I was born and raised in this city and I always think that there is an invisible bond between me and Istanbul. Originally, my family comes from the Black Sea region in northern Turkey. The Black Sea has a unique and wild nature, the summers of my childhood were spent in the mountains and plateaus of the Black Sea. This now very clearly explains my admiration and devotion to nature.

I am still continuing my studies. I am a 2nd year student of Business Administration. I also work as a news editor in the media field. I took part in many volunteering activities in my own country. However, I was in my comfort zone. Going beyond my limits, discovering my potential and tackling challenges are some of my biggest goals in life.

I discovered European volunteering projects as a result of my own research and asked myself, “Why not?” I said. And I was accepted from the first project I applied for, I consider myself very lucky and I am sure that the volunteer period I will spend in Poland will allow me to get to know myself better and discover myself. At the same time, I believe that I am at the right time point in my life for such a project.

As a result, my goals during my volunteering period are; to represent my country in the best way possible and to do my best to contribute to the project I am in. And of course, collecting unforgettable memories and getting to know Poland’s wonderful culture closely.