Volunteering in a modern world

Volunteering is of great importance in today’s world. This selfless social activity is known from the history of the development of mankind.

In the modern world, volunteers are people who carry out charity in the form of selfless labor for those segments of the population who need it.

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Armenian ”Switzerland”?

All of us know that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is considered to be even the best place for people to live. A lot of people want to go there because their nature is just awesome. Even going only for the nature means that they are in somewhere else out of this Earth. But what does Armenia have here? Let’s discover together.

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Working in a cultural center I often witness concerts and festivals organized by my colleagues. Alterfest is one of those occasions. Celebrating its 10th birthday this year, it continues to gather like-minded people to enjoy the power of music.

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Yulia in Poland

Hi all,

I am Yulia from Armenia. Armenia is an ancient country with its own special culture and history, whose roots go back to the depths of the 9th century BC, the capital of which is now Yerevan. It was in Armenia in 2008 that a leather shoe was found, which was already used by Armenians in 3600-3500 BC. Of course, everyone knows that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. Also Armenia, more precisely Western Armenia is the land of 1000 and one church. On the territory of Armenia there is Lake Sevan, where whitefish and Svan trout are found. Lake Sevan contains 3% of the whole earth water of the planet earth. Armenia has its own language, alphabet, which was created in 405-406 by the scientist and priest Mesrop Mashtots. The entire alphabet is a prayer. Armenia is also famous for its carpets and rugs, they can be easily distinguished by patterns and knitting – you will always find a cross in patterns.

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