Why volunteering matters

I work in a culture house, where people come to get some art, music, chess, language classes. I am having few of this classses, and I was always concerened how am I important in this place and why am I here. I thought that I can’t give in classes a lot of knowledge because I am with ones that are learning, and I was thinking that they can do better with the classes I teach.

And I changed my mind…

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7 Ways to Get More Focused

Do you find that you’re having difficulty focusing, both at work and home? Well, you’re not alone.

Even those who normally don’t have trouble focusing have found that the pandemic has robbed them of their ability to buckle down and maintain concentration.

Studies (Ariga and Lleras, 2011) have shown that after a prolonged period of time working on one task, the brain stops registering a sight, sound, or feeling, especially if the stimulus remains constant over time. The study concluded that the brain is built to detect and respond to change and that prolonged attention to one task actually hinders performance.

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