6 reasons to visit Madeira

1- Levada walks

Levadas are irrigation canals created with the purpose of carrying water from the mountains to the lower zones. These slim open-air channels have been dug into the ground since the 16th century . Levadas will lead you to the heart of the island, presenting to you astonishing landscapes.

2- The food

Because of our proximity to the sea, most restaurants specialise in fish dishes. The most famous ones are grilled limpets, octopus, shrimp, tuna steaks and black scabbard fish. Other well known foods are bananas, passion fruit, custard apple, honey cake, “bolo do caco”, wheat soup, “carne de vinho e alhos”, and many more.

3- Breathtaking scenarios

Madeira´s climate allows for all kinds of outdoors activities at any time of the year. Either on sea, air or land, we have them all. For sea lovers there´s snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, winsurfing and boat trips to see dolphins, whales and monk seals. If you´re interested in land and air activities, we have paragliding, canyoning, btt trails, golf, trekking and hiking.

4- The hotel industry

Our accomodation is top quality. Either in a 5 star hotel or in a small house in the mountains, the quality of these establishments is amazing. We don´t play around when it comes to tourist´s comfort. Which is why we have received multiple tourism awards over the years.

5- All year long events

Madeira has a wide range o events all year long. The main events are the Carnival Festival, the Flower Festival, the Festival of the Atlantic, the Market Night and new year´s eve. Which means any time is a good time to visit the island.

6- New year´s eve fireworks

The new year celebrations are focused in the city of Funchal, creating the illusion of being surrounded by colorful rockets that light up the city at night. Madeira held the Guinnes World Record for the largest fireworks display in the world between 2006 and 2010.

Mafalda A.


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