Hello readers!

It’s Qnarik and Julia, we want to share with you our arrival training experience.

The last week, we have the opportunity to meet other volunteers from different cities of Poland. Even though it was online, we made good relationship with them and we learned a lot about their cultures and lifestyle. Besides, with Asia and Wojtek, we learned some polish words, also they helped us to understand the volunteering work and made us to feel comfortable in the course.

The arrival training consists of a week of meeting other volunteers who are in the same situation, and who are going to begin this incredible adventure that is to be a volunteer. Also, it allows you to understand the operation, the rules or rights that you have as a volunteer. The mentors or coordinators of the activity help us and show us the beginning of the journey, teaching us how we should face this new situation, culture shock and the importance of finding activities or places where we feel comfortable and safe. Living in an other country can be very complicated, so it is important to know how to face this challenge.

The first days consisted of getting to know each other, talking about our tastes, professions or studies, and talking a little about the culture of our country. In one activity, we had to find places where we could care our selves, meeting people, or rest. We think that this is very important, because the project is during 12 months so is essential to make this new country your home, to adapt and be confortable in that time.

We also prepared a presentation on topics that we consider important and we wanted to know about Poland: the opinion that they have in Poland about abortion, LGTB rights, food and sports. We finished the training sharing some hobbies or knowledge that we considerer important.

During all the training, we had some lessons of polish, learning very useful phrases and questions like:

What’s your name? –> Jak masz na imię?

I don’t understand. –> Nie rozumiem

We both think that this experience is very enriching and important to be able to start volunteering. Also, it’s a really fun week where you meet amazing people. We would have liked to have done it in person but despite this it has been great and we would repeat it without hesitation.

Until next time!!

Qnarik and Julia.


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