3 most populated cities in Russia

Russia has 15 cities with a population of more than a million people. In this article, I will tell you about the 3 biggest ones, and what you should visit in each of them.

The largest city in Russia. More than 12 million people live there (just 4 times less than in whole Poland).
The coldest megacity in the world, with a history that spans eight centuries, Moscow is governed as a federal city that serves as the political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of Russia and Eastern Europe. Has one of the world’s largest urban economies. Moscow also has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What to see?
Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

One of the most interesting science and technology museums in the world. The creation of the thematic museum was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.
The spacious room is divided into eight exhibition halls. There are also a small cinema and a conference room. The collection consists of 93,000 items: original space equipment, documents, fine arts, numismatics, material relics, models, simulators. The museum regularly hosts educational events for people interested in the history of space exploration and the future of astronautics.

Saint Petersburg
Cultural capital as Russians often call it. Is a home to more than 5 million people!
The city was founded by Tsar Peter the Great on 27 May 1703 on the site of a captured Swedish fortress, and was named after apostle Saint Peter. Saint Petersburg is historically and culturally associated with the birth of the Russian Empire and Russia’s entry into modern history as a European great power.

What to see?
Museum “Grand Maket Russia” 

The exposition of the museum is the largest model of Russia in the world with an area of ​​800 square meters, which is an artistic embodiment of the image of the country: from its Far Eastern borders to the “amber” coast of the Baltic Sea. Dozens of various specialists have been working on its creation around the clock for five years. On the model surface, collective images of various cities and regions are conveyed, and in genre scenes virtually all types of human activity are displayed.

The largest trade, business, cultural, transport, educational and scientific center of Siberia. Includes more than 1.5 million people. The most populous city in the Asian part of Russia.
By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk was awarded the title “City of Labor Valor”

What to see?
Museum of World Funeral Culture

The museum’s collections are based on showpieces from the 19th and early 20th centuries. In total, the museum contains several tens of thousands of showpieces, including about 200 mourning dresses of the 19th century, models of hearses, about 10,000 funeral engravings, about 1,000 paintings and sculptures, as well as about 9,000 photographs and 11,000 postcards. The museum stores various samples of official documents, forensic reports, leaflets, obituaries, letterheads, etc. In total, the documentary fund has about 6,000 howpieces!


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