Robotic Morning

This week was really full of new thinks. I feel like a child, everything is new. We started with activities “Robotic morning”. I thought we’ll build a robot with something, using weird software. You know, today children are very smart and I know that from them I can learn. But that day the surprise was: We’ll create a robot with LEGO. Yes, you read right, the most famous plastic brick in the world. Obviously children were a step forward than me. But my enthusiasm exceed their ones. 20180715_225656In a silent room ,where the only sound in air was typing on tablet, our robots started moving. Obviously there was not possibility without our trainer Christopher (I want to apologize if I don’t write you name in correct way). Girls and boys were very happy and we too.  The cars was simple, but not for me, I spent twice much long time as the youngest  child of the group.

After this car we made my favorite Luna, quite similar at moon robot. It goes to straight, back and turn and stop when there is a obstacle. In the meanwhile we are talking about motors and sprockets. I suggest  everyone to try this amazing Lego’s Box.





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