“Cross-border education” in Poland


My name is Lina and I’m from Spain.

I’m volunteering of the Project “Cross-border education” in Poland. I have chosen to this Project because I like everything related to extracurricular education. On the other hand, do volunteer in general interests me because do this teaches my new things like: meet new people, culture, language…

And all this make me develop my skills, grow as a person, learn about the life and generally open my mind.

I am very interested and excited to start this project.

My first day!

My flight was very fast, I arrived on February 8 at 11:30 p.m. at Katowice airport. My first stay was in Vola, a town with 3 schools, several supermarkets, a cultural centre, a pizzeria and several shops in general.

I met other volunteers who for 3 days I went to stay with them: Lily and Fabiana I‘m very happy to have met you and shared experiences 😀

During the week I have updated in the school where I will do the project, the tasks that I must do as: Spanish lessons, aerobics and flamenco classes

My first impression is very satisfactory, everyone treats me very well and cares for me, so I’m very happy.



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