My first week in WARSAW

Hi Guys,

today I would like to talk about my first week in Warsaw for the International On arrival Training.

But let’s start from the beginning. We arrived in Warsaw and we were hosting by a Sport youth Centre very comfortable and close to the centre.

From the first day we start to try a lot of typical dishes all the time. We took a few kilos 😀

We met about twenty volunteers from all the World, that are living and working in different cities of Poland. We enjoyed togheter after the training session. We saw the old city with a guide and we bought souvenir and sweets in the centre of the city.

We went to the pub and club during the week end we invited each other for a visit in our temporary house. Was amazing!

Regarding training was a very important opportunity o cultural exchange and knowledge about other eleven Countries. We discussed togheter about the different problems of the people in our place and about Poland and in particular this experience.

We had the possibility to work in international groups, speak in english and focus on our activities and workshops. We had the occasion to improve our public speech, polish language and communication skills.

Furthermore we managed a project about the application most common in Poland. We went to the Google Campus for Startups, we registered ourselves like a members and did interview around the place.

We had the prsentation at the end of the day and we found and discuss a lot of advice and suggestion regarding the life abroad, in particular about the cultural shock.

It was a really interesting experience that I can’t explain with other words but you can see the picture that I collected in the slide share presentation.

Thank you for your attention,

I’ll update you very soon,



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