Volunteering and a lockdown

Despite the time and the situation in the whole world I can say that my volunteering is going really well. If you are sitting at home and feel upset, scared of the situation, think that you are more than bored, then this is for you and I’m here for you to share my “secret recipes’’.

As you all know my volunteering started 3 months ago and since then my life became more challenging and interesting, even nowadays. I see that it can be difficult when you have to work or study from home, sitting in front of your computer all days but trust, it’s Ok. At the beginning of the lockdown I felt a bit upset but then everything has changed. I’ve started exploring new things about Poland, started reading a lot of things about this country, started tasting some traditional Polish dishes, even trying to make at home from some tutorial videos. Cooking is one of the most important things for me because It’s the best way to de-stress myself. I’ve started preparing traditional Georgian foods, I’ve already made Khachapuri – traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. I am going to continue cooking and making videos for those, who are interested in.

Another thing that is so good is that I have a lot of time to learn Polish and I think it’s going really well. This language has become much more familiar to me. Listening to some dialogues or commercials, it doesn’t sound strange at all, like it did when I first came here. Working and having classes at home isn’t as boring as maybe you think. We still are doing some activities, speaking a lot, discussing interesting topics, preparing videos of cooking and doing the things which are so interesting for me and for students as well.
It’s true that today we spend more time at home than we used to and eat more (I mean myself) but I’m still trying to get in shape and do some exercise at home. Like stretching, dance a lot, walk in my room and counting steps and so on. We can use this time in exploring new skills, new details about ourselves. I enjoy drinking hot tea with lemon, reading good books, watching Netflix – BTW I highly recommend “The Queen’s Gambit”, P.S one of the main characters Vasily Borgov is Polish. 😉 Try and explore the things you enjoy.
What else can I say? Be active, eat healthy, stay hydrated, get at least 8 hours of night’s sleep and the most important – start your day with positive energy and thoughts.

Regards, Khato


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