Tbilisi the capital of world books

As once neil gaiman said a book is a dream you hold in your hands. Today I am honored to present myself as a citizen of world books capital. A citizen who was granted a chance to be introduced to tremendous amount of amazing writers. Starting from sir Iakob Gogebashvili to the never ending list.

World Book Capital is a large-scale project, founded in 2001 by the decision of the UNESCO General Conference. It aims to promote books and reading, support the development of the book industry and all related fields, and benefit modern authors, translators, librarians, publishers, etc.

As Tbilisi became the capital of world books I would like to share a bit about one of my favorite Georgian books written by Jemal Karchkhadze. The title of the book is caravan and I am sure you probably already experienced a strange feeling that follows the reading of the last page. It is hard to name the feeling. It is mixed with melancholy, joy, sometimes excitement and sometimes frustration. Jemal Karchkhadzis caravan is one of those types of books that no matter how much time has passed still makes you go back and read it.

The main question that author is asking is why do people go back. Why can’t we just look forward and always walk straight. What impulses are driving us and even if there is an impulse why not to give it such a push that person would never have such thought of going back. Can we not overcome this tendency and move forward in one direction for the rest of our lives? but it was not yet known that everything goes back and in general the existence of the universe is an eternal return…

Sounds interesting right?! but i will not tell more not to kill the enjoyment of reading it by yourself. I just hope that one day we can meet each other in Tbilisi and spend the whole day wandering and talking about books.

-Tamuna Bichiashvili


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