International language exchange

Hello readers!

Learning a language is always a good way to improve training, make your CV more attractive, or simply discover a different culture. Experts indicate that, in addition, if learning is done in a reassuring environment, it is more enjoyable and you learn faster.
To the traditional classes, a new type of learning has been added in recent years that serves to improve fluency, as well as to “test” one’s own level of the language. It’s about language exchanges. A language exchange is a social meeting between people who learn different languages ​​and that takes place in spaces such as bars, parties or restaurants.

Learning a new language requires, among other things, being able to practice it, and if it is with natives of that language it is much better. Today we can find people of any nationality willing to do a language exchange. Either in person or on Skype, finding a partner to do a language exchange is your best option to practice without leaving your city.

The goal is to practice and learn informally. In addition to sharing and helping other people. It is a great opportunity to learn colloquial expressions, get to know other cultures and meet people.

Learning languages is a pending issue for many people. But, unfortunately, sometimes due to lack of money and time, advancing with language learning becomes difficult for us. For this reason, a few years ago a trend began to emerge that, little by little, has been gaining ground. We are talking about bars for language exchange and language exchange groups. It is a fun, interesting and very social activity to put into practice the conversation in other languages. Can you learn English by having a drink and chatting animatedly? Of course!

If you have already lived abroad and want to continue practicing English, German, French or the language you have studied for years, language exchanges are the best option. If you are thinking of leaving for a season and want to practice a little, it will not hurt either, for a few hours a week, to do a total immersion with people from other countries while having fun.

I participated in a lot of them, and It is worth it. You meet new people and you learn a lot. You can hear about so many different experiences, cultures and lifestyle.

Here, in Poland is also something very common, one of my favourite is in Katowice in Królestwo. The meeting is on Wednesday at 19:30h all the weeks. Don’t hesitate to try it!!


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