Activities  in the Kindergarten and High-School

Hello, today I will inform you more about activities that we did in kindergarten and High School, I will start with kindergarten during this day our duty was to know each other and to become more friendly.

Working with children is always very funny and you should have enough energy because they don’t  get tired 😊 they were so excited when they saw the ball and they were ready to play and cooperate with us

We organized a game with the ball and during the game, children had the opportunity to know each other, play, and have fun together. They were so cute 😊

And yes we organized activities in High School as well in Gilowice, this time my duty was to introduce Kosovo as a new country in Balkan.

The students, in general, were interested to know more about my country and I was so happy to be there because they were polite and very kind to me as a foreigner. The students were intelligent and they shared with me their traditions (Polish Tradition), during this time we tried to find similarities between Kosovo and Poland and this part was so interesting, later we talked about diversity, different cultures, foreign people, and borders

During these activities, I gain experience as a facilitator in front of foreign young people so everything was amazing, I am so happy because during my project here we are going to have the opportunity to cooperate again 😊

Kind Regards….



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