An Important appeal to the world, that resulted in an important reaction.

Day 15 March, I went to Katowice to participate at the global environmental demonstration proposed by fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg during the COP 24 held in December of this year in Katowice. It was a peaceful event, with no colors, no flags, and a large number of students and young people took to the streets joined together under an ideal.
However it did not surprise me that much, because the appeal of Thunberg started from Katowice, so I expected a large number of people to participate, but I didn’t expect how much this event had media impact to the world.

Of course, according to many people, the information services have not talked about it much or with the right accuracy, especially here in Poland. However in these days social medias are full of photos and videos about this important event, and the important thing is that, for better or for worse, is talking about it. I personally have been dealing with this issue for a long time, I am a LIPU volunteer (a no-profit organization that takes care about environmental protection) and this year I am talking about this important topic in the schools of my city, so for me is a struggle, a struggle that I want to pursue with strength and tenacity. In these days I have allowed myself to disturb students from various parts of Italy who took to the streets to respond to this important appeal, and I was so happy to note a strong sense of awareness is being created, which, with the right initiatives, can turn into a real and concrete commitment that could certainly improve the current situation.
These days I’m working on a small report on this topic, collecting photos, videos, but above all statements and reflections about this event by the youngest. These days hearing the voice of guys, and in some cases, even children, so motivated and conscious, makes me understand that I must to continue with this important struggle, with more stubbornness and aggressivity.
I hope to finish this work as soon as possible and to be able to post it on this and other platforms as soon as possible, in the hope of exploiting the moment of media interest of these days.
This is my first post on this platform and the first time that I write an “article” in English, you want to forgive my scandalous English, I swear I will improve! Thanks for the attention!

The rynek full of protesters.

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