A pleasant trip

Day 16 and 18 I had the pleasure of accompanying the GOK in two very nice trips organized for children. The first day we went to a candy factory where they taught us how to make lollipops, right after we went to a pizzeria where they “taught” children how to cook a pizza. A couple of things must be emphasized: 1) If the bread is hard, put a little milk in the dough and soften it and avoid cooking a focaccia (which is very different from pizza). 2) put two kilos of mozzarella and half a gram of tomato sauce, not only is it inconvenient from an economic point of view but creates a layer of cheese over the sauce, which is not good. 3) The salad tomato, if it has to be put, but put after the pizza has been cooked in the oven, the same thing for the cooked ham. 4) DON’T PUT KETCHUP IN THE PIZZA!

Should arrest you for something like that!

Day 18 we spent a fun morning at the Jump City in Katowice, a large structure full of trampolines where children and even adults (in whose category I am part) can go wild and do some physical activity by moving away a little by the various smartphones, tablets and computers that do nothing but alienate them from the real world that they should learn to know from an early age.

The GOK gives families a great opportunity to spend different days with their children and it is a wonderful thing, I want to thank them for allowing me to participate in these stimulating days.


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