Farmer’s day

On the 8th of September in Silesia people were celebrating the Farmer’s day. It is one of the most popular and big event in Silesia. So event hosted by small village named Frydek. Village is near my flat approximatly 6 KM. So I will writing everything in consecutive.

My day started at 10 o’clock and as a usual I woke up drink coffee with milk and prepare for event. Under the preparation I mean took warm clothes. It was cold and I took warm jacket. At 12.45 I already was on the place. My colleague from work pick me up with her car. For the road we needed 10 minute. When we getting closer with car I see huge tents on the field and under tents was some stores therefore I was very curiouse to see that place closer but firstly I was helping my colleagues with moving of some furnitures from one to another place.

As I mention already event was on the field. In the center of the event was huge tent as I understand it was place for the guests. Around was small tents with shops. There you could buy for example: Honey, alcohol, sossage, ice cream and also interesting ornaments. In directly to the big tent and all those small store was big stage for the artists. Our place was near stage basically we were organising and making technical support to artists.

Everything was going perfectly but weather was a bit sad and it was heavily raining but it didn’t spoil your night. So show started with the Orchestra and Polish national songs after listen to such a songs I feel energy and my body automatically start to dance but fortunately I didn’t dance because I am not so good 😀 There were also youngster choir on of them recognize me and told me that I had lesson in his class. I was happy because he remembers me.

In the afternoon more people were coming.I saw how the youngsters and old generation had a fun. For me it was special moment because great to see in such a small place happeneing big event and what was for me mostly nice to see that everybody knows each other. It was like a big family meeting.


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