Tiramisù amore mio

Hi everyone! Today I would like to speak about a classic italian recipe of a sweet: The TIRAMISU.

Now we have more time to experiment our cooking and this is a good moment to try different recipes!

In the past, grandmothers used to prepare a breakfast that today we could define as poor, but which at the time was very rich! Even today the recipe is unchanged, just break a very fresh egg in a glass and beat it with sugar and add coffee or hot milk, for the little ones, and marsala or anise for the older ones to taste. And it is precisely from this portentous cream that the mascarpone cream base of tiramisu is born. The Italian dessert par excellence, the most famous and loved one, but above all that has created many other versions! The most appreciated? Definitely the strawberry tiramisu or the Nutella tiramisu, just to name a few! Not to mention the most refined reinterpretations such as the soft tart or the tiramisu cake.

Although the origins of this famous dessert are unclear, because disputes between the regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Tuscany, it is still a cornerstone of Italian cuisine prepared indiscriminately from North to South.

There are many legends related to this dessert to which even aphrodisiac qualities were attributed. The official version places the birth of tiramisu in the seventeenth century in Siena when some pastry chefs, in view of the arrival of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo de Medici, decided to prepare a dessert to celebrate its greatness. So they decided that the dessert had to reflect the Grand Duke’s personality: therefore it had to be an important and tasty dessert but at the same time prepared with simple ingredients and, importantly, it had to be extremely greedy because Cosimo literally loved sweets. Thus was made our Tiramisu which at the time was called “soup of the duke” in honor of Cosimo de Medici who brought the recipe with him to Florence making it known throughout Italy. The legend also tells that the duke’s soup became the favorite dessert of the nobles who attributed aphrodisiac and exciting properties to it: hence the name Tiramisù. The unofficial version, however, narrates that the inventor of Tiramisu was a pastry chef from Turin in honor of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour to support him in his difficult undertaking to unify Italy. Veneto also has its own version on the subject: it seems that tiramisu was invented in the “el Toulà” restaurant in Treviso, located at the time near a closed house and served precisely to “raise”.

So, let’s start!


Difficulty: easy

Preparation: 40 min

Doses for: 8 people

Average cost

Note + 2 hours for rest in the refrigerator


Savoiardi 300 g

Very fresh eggs (about 4 medium) 220 g

Mascarpone 500 g

Sugar 100 g

Ready-made mocha coffee (and sweetened to taste) 300 g

Bitter cocoa powder for the surface to taste


To prepare tiramisu, start with the eggs (very fresh): then carefully separate the egg whites from the yolks , remembering that in order to whip well, the egg whites must not show any trace of yolk. Then whip the yolks with the electric whisk, pouring only half a dose of sugar . As soon as the mixture has become clear and frothy and with the whisk still working, you can add the mascarpone, little by little . Once you have incorporated all the cheese you will have obtained a thick and compact cream; keep it aside . Clean the whisk very well and whisk the egg whites by pouring the remaining sugar a little at a time.

You will have to mount them when the snow is firm; you will achieve this when the mass does not move when you turn the bowl over. Take a spoonful of egg whites and pour it into the bowl with the yolks and sugar and mix vigorously with a spatula, so you will dilute the mixture. Then proceed to add the remaining part of egg whites, little by little mixing very gently from the bottom upwards tall.

Once ready, distribute a generous spoonful of cream on the bottom of a 30x20cm baking dish and distribute well. Then soak the ladyfingers for a few moments in the cold coffee already sweetened to your liking (we have added only 1 teaspoon of sugar) first on one side and then on the other. Gradually spread the ladyfingers soaked on the cream, all in one direction, so as to obtain a first layer on which you will distribute a part of the mascarpone cream.
Again you will have to level it carefully so as to have a smooth surface. And continue to distribute the ladyfingers soaked in coffee, then make another layer of cream.
Level surface and sprinkle with bitter cocoa powder and leave to harden in the fridge for a couple of 2 hours.

Your tiramisu is ready to be enjoyed!

See you soon,



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