How to raise anti-racist children: some practical advice

Hi everyone! Today I would like to continue with the anti-racist advice. This time useful for you to help your children to become more aware in an anti-racist sense.

First of all abandon the idea that children are “colorblind”. It’s okay to notice and become “color conscious”.

Don’t talk about diversity as a separate entity. Diversity is always a relationship, for example: He is different from me.

Remember, when you speak about diversity, “sister’s likeness”:

“Sara and Jack have a different colour of the skin,

Sara and Jack are both laughing,

Sara and Jack have a different colour of the hair,

Sara and Jack are both children”.

When you speak about the skin’s colour of someone, don’t say that is tanned. You can say without feeling embarrassed that the skin is black, dark,brown.

I know that is difficult to find it, but if you can, buy also dolls with black skin.

Maybe is also difficult to find it, but if you can, when you tell stories to your son, remember to include protagonists with black skin. Be careful not to fall into stereotyped narratives as a African story in the jungle or with ferocious animals.

Do the same with cartoons and ask yourself: how many have protagonists with black skin?

Speak quietly about topics that includes somatic differences. Answer children’s questions and curiosities.

Remember that the skin’s colour is an important element of the identity’s construction and we all have a skin colour.

If you look episodes of discriminatory bullying, don’t pretend nothing. It’s important to address the problem also if your son is involved in these episodes of discrimination.

I would like to write about this theme, more and more! Stay tuned!

See you soon,



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