Hello everyone, i’m Marco, i come from Italy and i will take part of this ESC in Wola, Katowice, Poland.

My project looks cool! is about enterpreunership and i’m waiting to start it, even if is 2 weeks i’m in Poland, because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation I was locked in an apartment for 10 long days, right now I can’t go to work because an employee maybe has Covid. My coordinators Natalia and Marcin are friendly, the house where I will live in the next 7 months is great, is big and cozy.

This “little city” (don’t call it a village, local people take it seriously) of Wola is located near the river Wisla, so in summer is full of mosquitos that don’t make me sleep at night, luckily I discovered a polish invention called “microventilation on windows”, which allowes the air to enter but not the mosquitos, amazing. This city is also very close to the Nazis workcamps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a place with a terrible history which I would like to discover possibly with a guide and in winter, under the snow, so I can feel more on myself what those poor innocent people were passing by.

And now let’s talk a bit about me, so I come from Italy and I’m 29 years old, I love travelling, in fact I already saw all the European Countries, except the Nordic Scandinavian ones (which are on my list), I started to travel at 22, in fact in these 7 years I almost only lived abroad: Poland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece and now again in Poland, and I did many completely different jobs, in Germany I worked as Forklift driver for Volkswagen, Mercedes and Lidl, I also worked in a german restaurant on top of a mountain near Freiburg. In Italy I worked in a car wash. In Portugal I worked for the website TripAdvisor doing the moderation for the forum and investigating on online frauds. In Greece I worked for Apple giving technical support via phone to the customers about Ios and Mac devices. And right now I’m in Poland waiting to start my ESC.

I also like playing the electric guitar, especially Nirvana songs, I love all kind of music, my favourite ones are EDM of the ‘10s and Rock of the ‘90s, I can also make some EDM songs with FL Studio, a DAW to make electronic music.

I love Motorbikes, in 2010 I won a Championship in Italy riding a small motorbike, it is a very expensive and dangerous sport, but the speed gives you a lot of adrenaline, I decided to quit as champion because I was too old to make carrer in international competitions, I was only 19 years old!

 I was also Football referee for 5 years.

I love hiking, when I was living in Portugal last year I did the camino portugues de Santiago (600km)  and the Westweg (300km)  when I was living in Germany in 2017, both alone and wildcamping in the forest.

I love biking, I did the Ciclovia Adriatica in Italy from my city Ravenna to Bari (1000km) in winter this year, before the pandemic, also wildcamping, yes it was cold!

If you want to know me more, you can text me on Facebook over here, or on my Youtube channel over here

Marco Greco


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