Fat Thursday Cookbook from Volunteers

Sweets are a need to have on table especially for celebrations. I am sharing with you my experience of making the coloured cake here in Poland. I can say it was a very fun experience with my friends from Georgia, we shoot video making it and one of the ingredients it was “laugh” for sure.

This cake remind me my childhood, our mom used to made it very often for us. I do have a funny story with it because some people in our neighbourhood didn’t know how it was made even though is it a really easy recipe. When I was about 7 years old a lady asked me to give it to her but I refused, I don’t remember it but they told me so (usually I like sharing things with people :P) and she still remind it to me and she tell I was mouth-watering you have gained a big sin that time.

It was a great feeling for me to make this cake, interesting and easy as well. During shooting the video we had a lot of fun and I realised that this cake is “universal” because it is in Georgia called “zebra cake” and in Poland have too. So we have similarities we just need to communicate to evident them and sure not only in the recipes of cakes.

Even though I tried to make it beautiful it appears that was not that beautiful as my Mom make it, was tasty as my Georgian friends and FRSP team (some of them tried) told me.

Coloured cake by Fabjola

We are sharing with you our experience of making one of the most delicious sweet from Georgia – GOZINAKI, here in Poland. This was our first attempt at making Gozinaki, which was very interesting and funny with our friend from Albania. It can be said that laugh was one of the most important ingredients of making Gozinaki. Let’s start with history

Honey and walnuts have been considered sacred food in Georgia since ancient times. In Georgian culture, walnut is not only a culinary ingredient, but also has a symbolic meaning and symbolizes the protective force of nature. It was not accidental that Georgian soldiers who went to battle often wore nugbar-churchkhela made of walnuts, and those who returned were treated with gozinaki. In the mountainous regions of Georgia, there is still a tradition, according to which a sum full of honey should be placed on the New Year’s table along with sweets.

That is why the most important attribute of the New Year’s table is the nugbar made of honey and walnuts – everyone’s favorite gozinaki.

So we can say, that Gozinaki is Sweet “bomb” made of nuts and honey. Generally, It is prepared only for the New Year’s  eve. We strongly advise not to buy Gozinaki in restaurants or shops. The only way to taste authentic Gozinaki is to be invited by a local family in early January or in this case do it with yourself learning from our video, which we shoot. Taking into account Georgian hospitality, it is not a tough mission. Also, making process will be interesting and easy.

Gozinaki by Khato and Tamo

Generally, frankly speaking Georgia isn’t the country full of sweet dishes but there is the second recipe which we are sharing to you, it’s everyone’s favorite – Sweet Plov made with rice, dried fruit and apples. Rice is cooked differently by many nations, yet some recipes resemble. Georgia is no exception; correspondingly, our cuisine is also rich with different kinds of pilaf be it sweet or with meat and mushrooms.
Here in this cookbook we present a very easy recipe of sweet Georgian pilaf with dried fruits and apples. It’s so easy to make at home and very tasty.

Sweet Plov by Khato and Ani

Check out our recipes in a cookbook prepared especially for you!


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