Saturday, 20th of February, was very interesting day at MDK of Oświęcim. The youth were gathered and taking part in many activities, which included Georgian dance show and learning the basic steps with Khato and Art classes – interesting painting techniques with Ani.

TBH I didn’t think that Polish people were so curious about Georgian dances, they (not only the youngsters;) ) loved the dances, music and were surprised with the moves. I’ve prepared mix of 4 dances that are: Acharuli, Rachuli, Mtiuluri and Kintauri. These dances are quite different from each-other and I wanted to show the full effect of our National Dances which is really the treasure of Georgia. I knew but once again convinced that Polish youngsters dance Traditional Georgian Dances amazingly. There was a girl who had great desire to learn after watching the dance show and indeed we’ve practiced almost every types of dances. It wasn’t only joyful but very prideful to teach some of my favorite moves from National dances.
Here attaching the pictures:

For me, as an amateur painter, it was a great experience to see how children are interested in what and how you paint. Know what? You paint differently when people are watching. For me Saturday at MDK was one more motivational day to became better and better in my art! I’m so happy that  some people really can see that colors communicate even if you don’t speak!
So, to my mind, it is great thing! Btw, I met here one girl who painted with me for hours! as it came out children really like to have fun with colors!


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