Actions VS words

As humans our minds speak through behaviors and these behaviors are translated into actions and words. I think, everyone of us is caught in the dilemma of what matters more; actions or words?

On my opinion, actions and words are complementary of each other and should not be seen as separate from each other even though that how most of the people see it, maybe because we have the tendency not to see things as a whole. However, let’s begin with words; thoughts are what happen inside of our brain and in order to externalize them we need words. And in this point, we all agree that words are crucial for us as humans because of their importance in different aspects but mostly in the aspect of communication. If you ask a psychologist, he/she would say that words have a world in their own and you have to pay importance to every word in order to understand the person in front of you.

Secondly, we have actions. Considering our very doubtful and wanting-to- be- sure nature, we have the need to back up the words with actions. And here is where the discrepancy lies. Most of people can say lots of things but they are unable to make actions, maybe because they don’t mean what they say, maybe because for them words are more important than words or lots of other reasons. But the worst part is when the actions made do not match with the words being said, and this causes confusion to everyone.

Considering my life experience, I would say and I agree to a great extent that actions speak louder than words because they are the means to verify them. But no one can say for sure which one speaks louder because even our most rational opinions are shaped by subjective feelings.

-Elda Ndoja


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