Hello everyone, a week ago I started living in Silesia Poland. It will be a new experience for me. In this short period of time I could notice the little diferences between living in Spain and Poland, but also the differencies between living in a big city or in a small city. I come from Barcelona that is one of the biggest cities in Spain.

The village where I courrently live it is very small. There are only two shops, one supermarket and one bakery. In Barcelona we can find many of different kind of stores with a great variety. Also we can comment on the issue of transport. In this village there are only two bus lines, due to normally peolple of the village use privet transport to go places.

I work in a village that is call Bieruñ. My company has bought a house and they remodeled as an office. Inside the building we can find two floors. On the first floor there are three offices: direction and two other departments. On the top floor there is a conference room.

This is everything that I have discovered by the moment. We will see what Poland has in store for us in the near future.


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