Tkemali is considering the most native Georgian dish that we have. No one else makes it but Georgians.

I found it in Rybnik as well and let me tell you some interesting facts about Tkhemali. So, Tklemali, Prunus cerasifera, cherry plum,  or Mirabella are all species of plum and gathered under one name – cherry plum.  You can find it in Europe and Western Asia as well.  These wild types of trees are reaching 8 -12 meters tall, It got beautiful colorful leaves, and what’s essential one of the first European trees to flower in Spring. Trees flourish starting in mid of February and the flowers are gorgeous, sometimes white and sometimes pink, but the fruit can be eaten ripening when it is yellow or red from early July to mid-September.

 Meanwhile, Tkhemali or Prunus cerasifera is of utmost famous in Georgia.  In Georgia is eaten and at the same time we use it variously, But mostly we used to make a THKEMALI a tart sauce for meat dishes.

Here are the top five food.


Tkemali is to be recognized as Georgia pickled plum sauce. In every Georgian family, you will always find this sauce. This is the most prominent of Georgian cuisine and shows our people’s tendency how we use natural and healthy herbs and spices in the kitchen. There are mostly two kinds of tkemali sauce in our kitchen – a red and green one. Usually red is always spicy than green this is all up to you which one you prefer to eat. Therefore, the recipes of sauce are universal, but most recipes combine lemon juice or wine, olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt, flakes, and also other spices such as coriander, paprika, mint, or fennel seed, which can also be added. In the meantime,  tkemali sauce is never good enough, like in Georgia if you won’t use one more secret ingredient. This secret ingredient is a Pennyroyal, as we call it in Georgia an Ombalo. By the way, The sauce is often served during traditional Georgian feasts, which feature numerous regional dishes.


Anyone who knows about Georgia is aware of Churchkhela, or janjukha the Georgian sweets, pieces of walnut or hazelnut dipped in Tatara (a sweet porridge made from grape juice). It is widespread in Georgia. It is especially used on New Year’s and other holidays. There are several rules of preparation for Churchkhela. In eastern Georgia, Tatara wheat flour is mixed to obtain consistency, and walnut (or dried fruit) wrapped in a rope is rolled into it. In Western Georgia, corn flour and nuts are used, and Tatara is called Felamush. Meanwhile, for now, too many Georgians are using tkemali to prepare the churchkhela.


Tkhlapi – porridge made of tkemali, apple, or other fruits, which was dried in thin layers. Tklapi has been made in all corners of Georgia since ancient times. And of course, it can be made by tkemali.


Next but not least is a fruit juice that is famous as a Kampot.

Compote is a dessert of fruit cooked in syrup. To prepare it you need to bowl of the glass, porcelain, or metal usually with a base and stem from which compotes, fruits, nuts, or sweets are served. It can be made with a lot of fruits and with Tkemali as well. Lucky for us, in Rybnik me and other volunteers found the tree of Tkhemali and we made the compote of Tkhemali.


Chakafuli is a traditional Georgian minced meat. That is used to be made from lamb and veal. At the same time tarragon leaves,  white dry wine, coriander, garlic, and salt are used to slow down, and what’s important with tkemali which is an important ingredient.


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