We know what homesickness is and how it affects on us and our mood. It is sometimes very difficult to control the feeling of homesickness espesially when you are abroad for a long time.

It is always like that, when you are leaving for another country, you need to get ready because you are going to have some difficulties with people, life, and just almost anything else.
When we are going to live in a country which is totally different than our country, it means that we need to be pretty much ready to take all the changes and stay as calm as possible.

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It is much more difficult especially when we are living for a long time and fisrt we don’t even notice that we are having some troubles in our minds, but then, after some time, we start noticing that our life there in the new country is getting a bit different and difficult.

We start understanding that we miss our people, our friends and relatives and everything becomes much more harder than ever. We try to talk to them as much as possible but, anyway, nothing almost changes.

We usually try to make us busy all the time for not to think about it but sometimes it is really very difficult to control the emotions and go on.

But as in everything this one too has its logical end, so everything gets into its place after some time when we try to get through all this and find ourselves again.



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