And here it is, midterm training which I was waiting for so long! To be honest, it would be better if training was held not in zoom but in live – communication with face to face. But still, it was worth it. So, beginning from the first day, with meeting each other and ending with accepting lot of interesting challenges I had very interesting week!

I remember first day of training when I discovered different volunteers from another cities and the most important thing was that I discovered one Georgian girl who volunteered in Warsaw.

In separate rooms we shared our stories and challenges which we found out quite hard but interesting at the same time.For me most valuable was sharing informations about another volunteering opportunities. We also discussed about future working and studying opportunities abroad. I guess, for today it is very important topic. The first day of training was so exciting. In separate rooms we suggested each other movies and TV shows. I’m very glad that I found lot of people with same taste in movies, it really needs to be mentioned, because as a rule it’s hard to find a person who likes Fellini and Fleabag at the same time, but you see, everything is possible 😁

Each day starting with energizers is a good idea, due to next few hours you are in zoom and your body is getting very tired of sitting whole day. So, our great trainers each day had really good energizer ideas for us to be more active and productive during training.Btw, we had one outdoor activity too – we went outside of the house and talked in separate rooms about different topics.

It’s worth mentioning that we had wonderful trainers! Joanna and Asia. You know what is great thing? Having very friendly trainers who are positive thinkers and value each of your words and ideas!

So, with Joanna and Asia trainings felt like a fun and at the same time very interesting and entertaining. Trainings were well orginized! Some games were really challenging.So, five days in a Zoom platform may seem boring, but dont believe, this is some kind of stereotype when you have right people around even Zoom seems great 😉 For me this week was full of new experiences I remember that one day trainers asked us about remaking some artworks made by Polish artists. I chose Jan MateŁko. Despite of the fact that I didn’t had lot of stuff to remake this masterpiece I tried remaking with old tomatos and lemons. It was really interesting activity. During training days we managed to have one hour of different workshops. I attended coocking workshop, so during this one hour we discussed almost, every Polish dish, from Pierogi to Żurek.. It was fun, really, btw we talked about our national dishes, and oh, I almost forgot to mention that, in Poland Georgian bakeries are really popular, even one German girl knew our most famous Khachapuri ! So, this fact made me proud of my country even more.

So, one more important thing is that we talked about what are our wokshops about and which kind of experiences we have already in Poland. Tbh, during being here I learned lot of things, learned how to make more effective presentations and how to work in a different programmes, not only but also I learned how to make video vlogs… I guess, there are plenty of things which I learned here and this experience is wonderful! Day by day I see how I become best version of myself and this is the most important thing.

As you may know, volunteers are in each corner of Poland, so we decided to share our experiences about sightseeings in Poland.. now I know that there are more interesting places to visit than I thought before, more museums and galleries, more mountains and beautiful places are waiting:) We, volunteers from Silesia after discussing how lucky we are to be here, even planned meeting each other in Katowice one day:)

All the best, Ani


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