I Left My Heart In The Mountain…koniaków

Being surrounded by the mountains has a powerful effect on something deeper. It’s as if being amidst something greater than ourselves, changes our perspective and insight on life and the things that really matter. Somehow without trying, you are able to confront your demons, re-evaluate your problems or your goals or your desires – you are able to widen your perspective and reflect on ‘the big picture’.

Today I would like to tell you about my amazing journey in Koniakow. Koniaków is a village in Beskid Śląski mountain range in Cieszyn County, Silesian Voivodeship, southern Poland. It is the highest elevated village in Silesian Beskids and lies in the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia. The village is primarily known for its tradition of intricate lace-making and cheese.

Our journey began by seeing how traditional kozy ser is made. The pasters center in koniakow has about 1100 sheep in the Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki . We had the opportunity to see an exhibition of wooden shepherd equipment for making cheese, learn about the processing of sheep wool, as well as taking a close look at Carpathian shepherd animals – namely sheeps and goats. After getting all the information about cheese making, we tried different types of cheese and made it ourselves too.

Around the Pastoral Center there are picturesque views of the Beskid peaks: Ochodzita and Barania Góra and the Polish-Czech-Slovak borderland. The place is so beautiful that it immediately takes your breath away. Call me crazy or cliche or what ever..but there is no denying it. Maybe it’s that dose of fresh mountain air, the exercise or the litres of water I drink when I’m hiking, but I swear to you that after a visit to the mountains I feel enormously better. It’s as if there is an energy source in those summits that you can tap into and feed off of. Getting out there literally fuels you and rebalances you; you will notably feel more calm and happy, and less irritable or anxious. There was never a time that I left the mountains without feeling refreshed, happy and inspired – ready to take on anything that came my way.

So, if you have free time and you do not know where to go, call your best friends and go to Koniakow believe you will not regret it.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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